Lance Bass: The Dick So Good….

lance-bass-engaged-510*NSYNC singer Lance Bass is engaged to this hot piece!!!! HOORAY!!!  —No?— (**jealousy crickets**) I’m really happy for you Lance, and I’mma let you finish, but… I’ve got gay questions….  I mean, sure, Lance is handsome and fit and rich, A CATCH, EVEN!  It’s just…. I don’t know, you know…. I’m just not into him like that. Maybe it’s because I was always a JC girl. (**AKA: I’ve lived a life of disappointment, secrets and regret….**) Maybe it’s because Lance always played the role of bleached, tweezed and neutered cherub back in the day. I just don’t get it. I just don’t know how he does it… I do have one theory though…

Has anyone out there slept with Lance Bass?  Can anyone confirm my suspicions that he is in fact a hot blooded Casanova, a tiger in the sack (**vom**), that… The Dick So Good, Lance Bass gets what Lance Bass wants? Answer my questions.  Help me sleep at night.  Caller… You’re on the line

Let’s take a look back at Lance in love:



current piece


suspected piece


Brazilian piece


the WORST piece


OG piece

Say something gay...

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