Lest We Forget: The Richard Simmons Show

BTNCvTECcAAwTYB Imagine a world where The Heavenly Angel Richard Simmons had a daytime talk show.  Hold it in your heart, Reader.  Never let it go.

If only Katie Couric would just give it up already. Kelly, Michael…. You’ve lost me. Bethenny, you never had me…. I’ve been broken hearted since the end of MARTHA.  A Simmons reboot would color my world.

If only my daytime TV lineup were Wendy at 10, The Real at 11, and Richard at 12.

Lets all say a prayer.  This is important.

via @tvguidearchives

One thought on “Lest We Forget: The Richard Simmons Show

  1. Oh, this takes me soo far back! My mother and I used to watch Richard every Monday through Friday. We exercised like champs and loved him! I was eight when he was cancelled. He has been such a dear reminder of a happy time in my life as a wee child! This man even made a special audience for a neighbor’s child with Down Syndrome from my neighborhood. I cannot stop ,loving him! Muchas gracias for the trip down memory lane, love.

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