50 Shades Of Gay

charlie-hunnam-shirtless-e1378224286130So I haven’t read 50 Shades of Grey but I hear that Christian Grey guy created S&M and served it up to the unawares world. Actually, he discovered the cattle species, killed one, skinned it, tanned the skin, and used the hide to make the whips he slaps up his bitch with!  That is how important he is to the world. The Frantic shit going on all over the web about the casting choice for this is just silly. I mean who cares about acting for a movie like this? There are a few questions that will clear all this up: Is that body tight? Is he a pretty (but hot and filthy) kisser? Large Junk (or the illusion of one)? Does his eye’s say “I’ll kill you if you defy me”?  Just look at that picture and the answer is an obvious – YESSSSSSSSSSSS!!! Charlie Hunnan is a perfect Christian Grey and that opinion dear readers is most valuable coming from someone who hasn’t read the book 😉

Anygay, in honor of this Verrry important world event, I have crafted a poetic masterpiece because in some corner of my mind, I’d prefer to see 50 Shades of Gay — A KiKi of Legendary Proportions! Hope you enjoy…




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