t.A.T.u.: Mermen

gay**RING**RING** Deborah, did I wake you?  —Oh, Deborah…. the party was amaaaaaaaazing. Last thing I remember, I popped a Molly at Barracuda, started sweatin’ during Paige Turner’s show, had to leave….. I wandered down 23rd Street, saw Monster sushi, started thinking about a sensible nautical look for autumn… decided I needed some new ink to match. I found a 24 hour tattoo place.  I remember this guy Izzy holding the needle.  He definately had an eye patch… I screamed, “I’M JUST BEING MILEY!!!!” I know that, and then ——BLACKOUT——  Can you come over, Deborah…. it’s on my back…. I haven’t seen it yet.  I’m worried…..

photo via tattoo failure

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