Reader Mail! A Hunkier Take on Katy Perry’s “Roar”

1236587_773069026433_227012039_nI for one am pretty uninterested in Katy Perry. I mean, she’s doing a great job and all, don’t get me wrong. She dresses nice and her voice is lovely… I just…. how do I put this………………. don’t care.


What I do care about, though, is our Gayest of All Time readers!!!!  (**Yeay!!!! That’s you!!!**) Here’s a GOAT video submission from Jonathan Bathaser starring himself, his cute husband, and some other equally fit and sexy queers spicing up Ms. Perry’s “Roar” by being shirtless, doing sports, dressing as kitties, and occasionally scratching their junk. Take a lesson, Katy.  This is what art is…. This is what heaven looks like….

submit your videos to:


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