Slutty Karma – Tiger Woulds Edition!

Woulds and Vonn-Trapp

Tiger should change his last name from Woods to Woulds cause he would do anything and everything (allegedly) back when he was married!  According to Radar Online (who cited the National Enquirer), instead of Tiger Woulds passing his junk around to other women, his piece is passing her ladyjunk around (allegedly) to other men.

Listen, I like sluts (some of my besties are active or reformed sluts), they’re fun and wild and free! But while stodgy old society still likes to look down on them, every once in a while a slut comes along that you cheer for because the sluttery makes you somehow feel better.

Mr. Woulds not only deserves this cheatery, but he needs it to get anywhere near to being back into my good graces (because he cares about my opinion), and also because I like sexy karma/ revenge themes. I thought Lindsay coulda been the one since she was already livin’ the Rich White Woman life before they met but I guess Tiger has small junk to go with his fat wallet. A true slut could only tolerate inadequate junk size for so long!

So today I raise my wine glass to Lindsay Vonn Trapp.

VIA | Radar Online

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