InTURNTnational: Berlin Folsom Street Fair

Kinky, Boots!!! (and I ain’t talkin’ bout’ no Broadway musical)

OK…so I wasn’t there. It’s a shame. I left Berlin a week too early and now I’m just in boring old NYC where they actually cancelled the Folsom Street Fair East this year because they couldn’t get the permit from the city (BOOO!!!)

However my BF was there and he took some pics for me because he knows how I enjoy to see a man acting like a dog or men literally “hanging out” by ropes in full latex hoods in broad daylight.


Get into more of the Fetish Festival Fuckery AFTER the JUMP…

Sniffing Ass…It’s how they say hello….




This is Knot Fun!


I’m just into…ya know…hangin’ out…



A little Bootlicking anyone?IMG-20130914-WA0007

I can’t think of a better way to spend a Sunday Afternoon. Can you?



4 thoughts on “InTURNTnational: Berlin Folsom Street Fair

    • Gurl, you don’t need to fly to Berlin! you just need to take a trip up to San Francisco for action as kinky as this! Dore Alley and Folsom Street fair are the kinkiest action in the west!

  1. Ajo, if you like i can take some pics from Mid Atlantic Leather for you in January. It’s a fun time in DC and we have a puppy pit! Although that’s probably the only action i can record that won’t be full on sex. ha. Great pics. Always wondered what i was missing in Germany.

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