Journal of Homosexuality: Gays Love The Bush!

I love gays and I love nerdiness but did not know of the existence of the Journal of Homosexuality until now: I gave myself a mental slap for that oversight! So, I did not read the study but I would like to offer my (stereotyped) Cliff Notes summation regardless.  The study titled  Does Place of Residence Matter? Rural–Urban Differences and the Wellbeing of Gay Men and Lesbians, says that City Gays are neurotic, miserable, liberal sluts wallowing in the excesses “noise, pollution, traffic, crime and ethnic conflict” who like to go to parties, cuss, smoke, get drunk and act unladylike; while Country Gays are the opposite and happy. Curtsey and you’re welcome. For realz though, I have to check out this newly discovered gem of Academia which includes studies like The Challenges of Being a Rural Gay Man: Coping with Stigma, and South of Ohio: A Queer Photo Documentary. You should too. YAY for nerdy gayness.

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