Help Save The World – While You Sleep

World Community Grid
The World Community Grid is just another amazing way that the people can effortlessly help change the world through technology. You can use your smartphone or computer to help find treatments and cures for diseases. Here’s a snippet from their website.

“The next time you step away from your desk for a quick latte at your local coffee bar, your computer can get to work….doing calculations for AIDS research. Or genome comparisons for drug development. Or sample analyses for better cancer treatments. In fact, your computer can do the calculations while you’re actually using it for something else. It’s possible when you volunteer your PC or laptop’s unused time to World Community Grid (WCG), created by IBM. Grid computing joins together thousands of individual computers, establishing a large system with massive computational power equal to a supercomputer. Because the work is split into countless tiny pieces and done simultaneously, research time shrinks from decades to months. So why not donate something you don’t need, use or even think about-your idle computer time-and help make the world a better place?”

Here’s how it works

This is amazing. I signed up!


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