Julie Chen Did(n’t) Get That Nose Job.?!

Julie, Julie, Jules; Just tell us the whole troof! I like Julie Chen (affectionately known in the blogosphere as the Chenbot), especially when her inner cunt comes through her mouth to make racist whiteys on Big Brother squirm. The story is; Julie admitted to having her eyes de-asianized (if I may) because some industry person said she wouldn’t get far as is in the news business. But many many peeps said the Chenbot was omitting obviously having her nose, cheeks, teethes, and lips done, and having a permanent beach blanket barbie 1B wig attached to her skullcap!

She denied having anything done to any other body parts, especially her nose, and says it’s all contouring magic. I mean Julie, please let the world know the photoshop like make-up god/ess who made that serious flaring nostril bump (in the pic on the left) disappear. I could say I’ll take your word for it, but I’d be crossing all my fingers and toes, and my poor eyes would be in a permanent cycle of furious winks.

To prove that she’s telling the truth, Julie provided the video below, and after watching it I might be ready to believe her. I mean, The Chenbot is too rich to bother to lie. She is a Rich Asian Woman and she don’t need to lie or answer to no regular folk.

Image via Jezebel

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