Nick Carter: ‘I Had My First Drink At Age 2′

You know what my reaction was to the headline

Backstreet Boy Nick Carter’s Tragic Secret: ‘I Had My First Drink At Age 2′ …

Whatevs Nick…I had my first drink at 6 months old with a lil’ brandy in the bottle milk! There was nothing tragic about it as helped my cold and helped me sleep through the night. What, what? Don’t judge my parents cause, as far as I’m concerned, people drug their kids with much worse nowadays: Dimeatapp sounds like something you get on the street corner from titi, Delsym sounds like Absynth’s cray cray cousin, and Robitussin is a poser (I mean it’s like 99% alcohol and 1% cough helping stuff)!

I know Nick has had issues with substance abuse so I understand why this is troubling for him BUT I turned out just fine dear readers. However, I’m not advocating giving your kids liquor (maybe a little). Coincidentally, I think this could explain my preference for the dark spirits

via | Radar Online.

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