Lest We Forget: Luscious Jackson

Luscious Jackson Portrait SessionI am twenty-nine years old. According to Icona Pop, this means that I am in fact a nineties chick. (**Late nineties, thank you very much…**)  As a tween with no strong gay male role model to look to during the era, I totally lezzed out…. hardcore.  I begged for Lilith Fair tickets (never got ’em), I parted my mushroom cut in the middle and colored it with a stunning “sun in”/food dye combo, I wore a XXL Charlie’s Angels ringer tee nearly every day, and I was super into witchcraft (**I bind you Nancy…. blah, blah, blah**).

All that being said, it’s a wonder that I forgot about Luscious Jackson!

This grrrl group of Beastie Boys portages had a serious moment at the latter end of the decade, releasing four leztacular albums between 1993 and 2000. “Here,” “Naked Eye,” and “Ladyfingers,” were kinda huge hits, remember? (**Fuck! Ladyfingers! That’s right!**) Suddenly, Melissa and K.D. had competition…. competition which was actually cool and culturally relevant.

imagesWell, my fellow alt rock children, rejoice! Luscious Jackson is back after a fourteen year hiatus!  (**HUZZAH!**)  They may have babies and life partners this time around, but the women still know how to turn out a track.  Their new album is called MAGIC HOUR.  Check out the just released video for the brand new single “Show Us What You Got” below.  We’ve missed you Luscious Jackson.  You’re always welcome here.

Young queens, more Luscious Jackson after the jump

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