Me Time: Blind Items Revealed and TJs Trek Mix

large_thumbBiiiiiitch…. I had a lot a hairs to do today, so mother is taking some me time…. and by “me time” I mean that I’m sitting at my computer reading old BLIND ITEMS REVEALED on Crazy Days and Nights and literally SHOVELING Trader Joe’s Sweet, Savory & Tart Trek Mix into my FACE!!!! I love reading CDAN: BIR, so I’m going to reblog some of them here for you.  You’re welcome.

Have I ever told you that I hate Julia Roberts???  So does everybody…


July 12, 2012

No one ever wants to work with this actress twice. Despite her being a very good actress, you would be hard pressed to find anyone who has ever worked with her more than once. Directors? Not if they can help it. Actors? Not a chance unless they are contractually obligated to and even then one actor once went so far as to beg for the chance to get out of his contract before ultimately having to suck it up and film with the actress. Do you remember Meryl Streep’s character in Devil Wears Prada? Multiply that by about a factor of ten. During one film which actually was filmed in the south, our actress ran through 25 assistants over the course of the filming. There was no one left to hire in the very small town where they were shooting so they told the actress that her new assistant used to be the assistant to Oprah and jumped at the chance to work for our actress. It wasn’t true and in fact, the assistant had been judged incompetent a few weeks earlier, but the actress never even recognized her. You would think she would be one of those people who would say don’t look at her, but she is fine with that. She likes to be looked at. She won’t look at you or talk to you, but you can look all you want. Did I tell you that our actress is a nominee/winner of an Academy Award. Nothing is ever the fault of our actress. She forgets a line? Her co-star’s fault or the director’s fault or the lighting was bad or the food was bad or anything else other than she forgot. There is a reason she does not act very often anymore. She has run through all the good directors and with her price tag so high, that is generally who she works with are good people. They would just rather work with anyone else. There have been a couple of people who have called her out. One A list actor who worked with her had a shirt made up which he wore all day that said “I work with a b**ch.” He wore it all day and the crew loved it, but the actress never even noticed. The same actor also said you could make him the highest paid actor ever in the history of the world and he would not work with her again. He gave himself an award for working with her.

Julia Roberts


Calling All My… WHORES!sitch_thumb

October 19, 2011

#5 – Strangest hookup ever. In this case hookup is just making out. I have no idea if it went further, but imagining it is a horror, so to go beyond would be a nightmare. This controversial female married A list reality star spent a good five minutes making out with this second fiddle reality star who thinks he is way better then he is.

Bethenny Frankel and The Situation


The saga of Cameron and Justin….


September 21, 2012
This couple was A list. They were everywhere. Every tabloid always had photos of them. They always seemed like an odd pair, but they were together for a very long time. She at the time was an A list actress. Every movie it seemed like mentioned her name as someone who might be in it, and she made five or six movies a year. He was A list too. A different kind of A list though. Most people say he used her. He used her knowledge and her contacts. He used her when he wanted sex which was not often. It is why he likes his current lady friend so much. She is happy with once every two months, just like our A lister. Our A list actress is a bit more sexual. OK, a lot more sexual and has never been shy about it. She always thought it was something she was doing wrong. She finally realized that she was being used, but she was not one to break up with someone. She wanted everything to work out. She was in love and thought she could change him. Then she met another A lister. He used her too, but she was ok with it because he gave her lots of sex. Tons of it. From within the first 30 minutes they met they had sex. He had always had strippers and escorts, but this was an actress. Someone he had seen at the movies. The guy was thrilled and it showed. He didn’t like being the other guy though. Our actress could not force herself to tell her boyfriend about the new guy. So, they went on with their daily lives until one day the new A lister in our actresses’ life was on a golf course and flat out told the boyfriend what he was doing to his girlfriend. 10 minutes later the relationship was over and our actress was with the guy she thought she was going to be with forever. Well, things change.

Cameron Diaz (loves sex), Justin Timberlake, Jessica Biel, Alex Rodriguez 

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