This Erases Everything: Rick Owens SS14


Shut it down. Shut every last goddamn thing down. Rick Owens’ Spring/Summer 2014 women’s wear show just erased everything. My. Eye. Has. Changed. Shamanic trance stepping, alien salvation, leather and pompoms, Marty McFly Darth Vader pilgrim sneakers for evening, Tourette’s as a neutral, an Oprah Winfrey versus Predator ninja hair story(!!!!!!!)…. If you work in the fashion industry and you did not have anything to do with the creation of **SLASH** were not a direct witness to this show, you may head back to the work room and gather your belongings because you are out. Fuck! I teared up watching this. I got shivers. I astrally projected there and lined up and linked arms too!

…. By the way is that Lady GaGa dressed as Lieutenant Ketchup N. Popcorn in the front row…? I see you bitch…

via an urgent message from Mother Krunk Sparkle Magick

5 thoughts on “This Erases Everything: Rick Owens SS14

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  2. BITCHES!!!!!!!! Rick Owens…. Just has newly been Nominated as “THE SHIT!” Officially! OKAH!?!?!? And Linda, Plus 1 BILLION Points for The Polly Allen Mellen/Isaac Mizrahi “Unzipped” Reference! REALLY GURL! Love You Optimus Maximus!

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