Grown Into Her Features: Hilary Duff

Hakkasan Beverly Hills Preview Event with Vallure VodkaThe Huffington Post is featuring a very serious news article today, “20 Pieces of Advice For Any 20-Something As Told By Hilary Duff”.  Of course it consists mostly of Lizzie McGuire GIFs (**DELIGHTFUL**) and includes no real advice from Hilary AT ALL (**INFORMATIVE**), but this picture^^^^ biiiiiiiiiiiiiitch…….  Her face is fucking SITTING!  I mean… I didn’t even know who this was!

I read the headline, looked at the picture—- “Elizabeth Olsen looks…. Molly Simms looks… Emma Roberts looks…”  My brain just couldn’t process it.  Lizzy is GROWN!

Sometimes, when a young woman has a child, her face body just goes through changes I guess. Maybe she has a C-Section. I’ve head that it is customary amongst Hollywood types to get a C-Section, and then the doctor just goes right ahead and slightly thins the bridge of your nose, refines the tip, administers botox to your forehead for a mini-brow lift, plumps your lips with your own body fat, shaves down your jawline, puts you in touch with a MASTER makeup artist, and includes complimentary a tummy tuck.

I could be wrong.  Why speculate on her aesthetic success? I’m a dick. She’s probably just working out with a trainer—- spending a lot of time running after that baby. Hormones change you.  (**I wish I could have a baby. I want my face to get subtly and considerably prettier too!**)  

So yesterday:


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