Friend of Dorothy: Abandoned Wizard of Oz Park to Temporarily Open this Weekend

ku-bigpicThis weekend, October 5th and 6th, The Land of Oz theme park in Beech Mountain, North Carolina will open to the public for it’s annual “Autumn at Oz” festival.  I know all my Good Judys would want to attend.

Frankly, I don’t live and die for ‘The Wizard of…‘ but The Land of Oz is just the kind of campy, creepy, abandoned Americana that I gag over.  I wish I could go.  The owner of the park died suddenly before it’s opening in 1970 (**20 points for drama**), and in 1975 a mysterious fire struck the family fun zone (**30 points: intrigue**).  The Land of Oz suddenly closed its doors after a semi-successful ten year run in 1980 (**aaaaaand 50 points for a mic drop, over it, Dorothy out maneuver**).


In its glory days, visitors to the park took in shows, costumes and attractions based upon descriptions from  the book, not the film (**cunt move management**).  A ski lift was fashioned into a Hot Air Balloon ride, a yellow brick road tour lead guests to Emerald City and the Wizard, a museum of memorabilia capped off your day.

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Now, once a year, original staff members and gawkers of the decrepit (like myself) gather together to reminisce and recreate an experience that once was…. and also probably (unintentionally) scare the HOLY FUCKING HELL OUT OF CHILDREN!!!!!!! Dorothy, you in danger, girl! Oz is a NIGHTMARE LAND! RUN!

Here’s a video clip:

via roadtrippers

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