Fuck Yeah! Sophia Lamar!


I just so happened to google “Sophia Lamar” today, and to my delight, someone has recently created a tumblr fan page in her honor!  YEEEEEAAAAAAYYYYY! (**She’s not going to like this….**)  I could look at gifs and pics of Sophia’s beauty all day long.  Keep it up, whoever you are. I’m expecting daily style updates.

*Sophia Lamar could not be reached for comment, though I’m pretty sure if she were, she would have said something like:

I just look how I look and I dress how I dress. Get over it. I want the gay people to leave me alone. Goodnight.

Who’s Afraid of Sophia Lamar?!


4 thoughts on “Fuck Yeah! Sophia Lamar!

  1. You suck dick for meth or coke
    You have gel in your hair
    Your bedazzeled t-shirt is ten times to small for you
    You’re wearing flip flops
    You are so tan you are orange
    You ask for a drink ticket
    You have a highlights
    You have a tribal tattoo
    You still think mohawks are cool
    You wax your asshole
    You are an escort
    You have a Christina Aguilera ring tone
    You wear a t-shirt with a tie
    Your nipples and eyebrows are pierced
    Your haircut is asymmetric
    You haven’t slept in four days
    …you write blogs about me…… Lol Diva!

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