Ender’s Game: The Chick-fil-A Of Movies


Hey queens. I’m sure you’ve seen the trailer. Aliens invading the planet in the future and Harrison Ford can’t fix it so he invents a special child named Ender that is an alien-killing-machine and Viola Davis is like “I’ve never seen that before” and then stuff blows up. Or something. I don’t really pay attention to it because I WON’T BE SEEING IT.


 Meet Orson Scott Card. Orson is a sci-fi author that wrote the book Ender’s Game. Orson also hates gay people. Like, HATES hates us. Lots of hate. See, during the Battle of Prop 8, Orson donated millions of his book earnings to NOM (the National Organization for Marriage) of which he was a board member until earlier this year. Orson has gone on record SEVERAL times saying that “many homosexuals first entered into that world through a disturbing seduction or rape or molestation or abuse.” Basically saying we’re only gay because somebody gave us the bad touch when we were kids. Clearly, he’s an idiot.

 Even though the battle for equality has gotten better, it’s still not over. Many states still don’t allow gay marriage or even civil unions. Adoption is still harder for us. And a lot of us aren’t protected from getting fired from our jobs purely for being who we are. And don’t even GET me started on Russia. Gay life isn’t all Lady Gaga and Pride parades. There’s still a lot of work to do and a lot of people fighting us.

 So don’t see Ender’s Game. Tell people about this. SPREAD AND REPOST THIS ARTICLE SO PEOPLE WILL KNOW. I’m sure Orson Scott Card has already been paid millions for the movie rights, but the studio needs to make that money back and I say we don’t give it to them. Vote with your wallets, gang. Always vote with your wallets. Go see Blue Jasmine again. (You know you want to anyway, gurl.) Or if you want space stuff, go see Gravity. (Rob and I will tell you why in tomorrow’s Down In Front.) GRAVITY IS SO GOOD ALL THE TIME OH MY GOD.


 The studio that made Ender’s Game, Lions Gate, released a statement saying that the company is “proud to have recognized same-sex unions and domestic partnerships within its employee benefits policies for many years” and that they “obviously do not agree with the personal views of Orson Scott Card.” And yet they still made his movie and gave him millions of dollars.


 So, I guess we can expect Lions Gate’s next mega blockbuster Mein Kampf to hit screens next summer. I mean, they don’t agree with the author, but it is a popular book…


6 thoughts on “Ender’s Game: The Chick-fil-A Of Movies

  1. I don’t entirely disagree with you, but Lionsgate did release all 8 seasons of Will & Grace. I really don’t think this is a fight worth starting again. Let’s look at Chik-fil-gay…. we (collectively) got all pissy, made our little signs, and then Chok-fulla-hate had their best sales in history because we were “imposing on the guy’s right to free speech”. Yes it’s all bullshit, but honestly I’ve wanted to see a movie version of Ender’s Game since I was a kid, and only found out OSC was a homophobe recently…. he wrote a great book. I tell you what, I’ll buy a ticket for something else at the box office and sneak into the Ender’s Game theater. Sound good? Let’s just try not to make ourselves look like a bunch of dumbasses like that douche cussing out the poor drive thru girl at CFA made us look last time.

      • We already won. Everytime someone comes out and says stupid shit like this they’re mocked in the press and generally shunned by society. When we go ape-shit making fools out of ourselves all we do is bring ourselves down to his level. One asshole’s opinions don’t really make a whole hill of beans difference, and when you’re looking at who stands to make the most money (Lionsgate), the production company has already shown itself to be a strong LGBT ally.

  2. All that money spent isn’t stopping marriage equality or that guy being fucking ugly. It always bothers me to learn that a science fiction writer is a closed minded bigot. To me it’s like a gay Republican. oxymoron.

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