Stefani’s ARTPOP Album Cover Revealed

o-ARTPOP-570Jeff Koons‘ staff of interns and assistants did a pretty good job with the new Lady GaGa album cover. She’s your Venus with a balloon vagina, etc. etc. Excuse me while I giggle to myself over the idea that these two wealthy art tyrants got together to create this piece one on one, and in a very personal way. **This is the part when you go into my imagination and see Stef smoking a blunt, doing a google search, and emailing the following images to Jeff under the title “Do This”:

10855910_BG1 Madonna-Hard_Candy-Frontal1989.55.12 001 1280px-Sandro_Botticelli_-_La_nascita_di_Venere_-_Google_Art_Project_-_edited 050913-koons_6

To which he replies, “Whatever,” and forwards the email to a huge plasma screen in his factory and hundreds of starving, jaded, dead inside graduate students scurry to create their best interpretation of the digital mood board. A winner is selected and escorted upstairs to the luxury executive offices…. and fired immediately as Jeff signs the piece.**

3 thoughts on “Stefani’s ARTPOP Album Cover Revealed

  1. Something tells me you got that 100% right. I just got a visual from the movie Kinky Boots with Jeff making Manuel “redundant”.

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