Justin Bieber Tooches Dat Booty

You know JB has been driving across country in his luxury tour bus whiling away the hours smoking blunts with his homies and watching all the seasons of America’s Next Top Model cause in his latest pictures he is working his angles and tooching that booty! Oh Justin! That ass is EvERYTHING! Tyra must be living for this!


7 thoughts on “Justin Bieber Tooches Dat Booty

  1. I don’t really care much about Justin Beiber.

    HOWEVER, being the ass-man that I am even when I bottom, if he ever comes out with a sex tape, whoever he’s fucking better be on their back grabbing that juicy booty. Otherwise,…it’s not a REAL sex tape.

  2. DEAR LORD! HELP US! I am Going to be Sick! BLECH!!!! Just because some skinny little fucking white bitch boy twink now all of sudden has built up some muscle and his ass has developed… all the gays think he’s a fucking dream cum true… proves all you have to be is a twink and no matter what the gays love you. SICKENING! especially this Human Vermin! ICK!

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