Lest We Forget: The Wedding of Freddie Mercury and Jane Seymour, Fashion Aid 1985

PA-60173161-630x332Okay, so… while in a desperate Google hunt for a version of a Grumpy Cat and George Michael GIF that would FUCKING WORK ON WORDPRESS(!!!!!) for this morning’s Face Time (couldn’t find one, sorry, look it up yourself) I stumbled across the photo above^^^ and I dropped to my knees, threw on a prayer shawl, meditated and thanked the Great Mystery for sending me this most unexpected and beautiful image.

tumblr_mah1bdDVYk1r94i15o1_500I’m fully shaming myself for overlooking this before today, but Freddie Mercury and Jane Seymour got “MARRIED” during the most over the top charity fashion show the world HAS EVER SEEN at Fashion Aid: London, 1985.


Held at Royal Albert Hall, and endorsed by the LiveAid Foundation, the event was a successful attempt at raising money for Ethiopian famine victims. A New York Fashion Aid was held the next night at the Palladium dorm Nightclub, and a total of $3million was raised between the events. (**…a total of $12million was spent on drugs by those in attendance, I’m sure… I mean— that’s a fucking function…**) HOORAY!!!! Bitches sure knew how to save the world with style back then. Nowadays… no. The best we get is a cocktail party from Countess LuAnne  de Lesseps; or maybe some all night telethon hosted by that asshole Julia Roberts.  That just makes me sad and angry and it interrupts my stories! But this… if this were the solution, I would happily throw money at the problem:


The next time something awful happens in this world I want the response to include flowered crowns, hairy chests, silver epaulettes, and a faux royal wedding fashion show. Get it together new millennium. This is how you get shit done.

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