Naked Highway’s Straight Scandal

The lovely homos of NYC electro band, Naked Highway sent me a preview of their latest video and when I watched it I was appalled! There in front of me were the furry fags of Naked Highway making out with LADIES! Very dykey ladies! What now? Was this a statement? A mind fuck? Some kind of bizarre attempt at going mainstream? Could such a gay band go back in the closet? What in the name of George Micheal is going on? I went to the source to find out:

From the Naked Highway boys:
“When we were kicking around ideas for the “Friends With Benefits” video, I brought up an incident that happened to me in a nightclub in Dubai. This very beautiful woman was dancing and flirting with me and I was like “Whoa dude! I don’t roll that way!”

“I know” she replied, and told me that she wanted me to come back to her hotel room and bang her husband.

So we arrive and this super hot Middle Eastern dude is on all four’s in a Nasty Pig jockstrap just waiting for us. Things got pretty hot and though she did not participate, the wife was really getting off watching a dude bang her guy, even directing me on how she wanted him done. At one point, I was confused as to whether it was her fetish to watch two guys getting it on, or if her husband was into guys and just found a very understanding wife. Turns out, it was both.

So this kind of got me thinking more about what a grey area human sexuality really is, and it’s a theme that we explore a lot in Naked Highway music and especially in this music video. For both my character and Dave’s character, you see us flirting with some hot women, but really these chicks are just scouting us for their boyfriends to play with.”

Mmmmmmkay boys, I’ll let it slide… extra points for the international intrigue of the Dubai hook up but don’t lemmie see you actin hetero normative EVER again!

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