WTF!?!: Kim Beats Kandi In Kourt

kandiandkimEverytime I would see Kim and Kandi together on the last few seasons of RHOA  i would shout at the screen, “Why are you talking to her? She STILL HASN’T PAID YOU YOUR MUNTY HUNTY!” Kandi wrote and produced Kim’s top 20 itunes hit “Tardy For The Party”  which sold 102,000 damn copies but Kim never paid her for it! Now it’s appears she will never have to!

This past weekend a judge in Georgia dismissed ruling that Kandi “take nothing.” The judge found that Kandi failed to sufficiently prove copyright infringement. Furthermore, the judge apparently lacked jurisdiction to rule on damages.

Whhhhhhhaaaaat Theeeeeee FUUUUUUUCK!! We all saw Kandi write and produce the song on TV! We all know Kim couldn’t even sing the song and that the only reason it sounded any good is cause Kandi autotuned the SHIT out of Kim’s soggy vocals! Kandi won a Grammy!! Kim is a trashbox in a wig who needs to go to bed! So how did this happen?

I blame Phaedra Parks!


Kandi hired her RHOA co-star Phaedra to represent her in court!  Why Kandi Why? Even dumb ol’ Sheree was mart enough to dump Phaedra as her lawyer! Phaedra didn’t keep Bobby Brown out of jail!!  When your lawyer also a has a booty workout video maybe she’s not the one. She’s not even the other other one! Now she fucked up your Tardy For The Party money, Kandi!!

Luckily Kandi is still rich, but I hate to see no talent Kim gloating on Twitter.

Overpaid? How dare she? Luckily without Kandi we know  Kim will never have a song on any chart every again. Well except  maybe on the Top 100 Trashboxes That Need to Go To Bed Chart. She’s #1 with a bullet on that chart forever!

One thought on “WTF!?!: Kim Beats Kandi In Kourt

  1. I’m not surprised. And neither should you if you follow the news. The Martin boy verdict, anyone? Personally speaking, judges shamefully get off screwing over black people.

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