Jamie Foxx Don’t Want No Alien Troubles

jandhThis is serious business we’re about to talk about people and because it involves one person who has the alien illuminati at his beck and callI’m going to take precautions –Mission Impossible like precautions– so that the Scientologists (shhh) can’t follow keyword breadcrumbs back here to G.O.A.T and zap us all to alien hell! From this point on all parties involved will be referred to as:

A. TC for you know who
B.  KH for you know who
C.  JFXX for you know who
If you don’t know who the whos are above– I can’t help ya (put on a duncecap) 😉

OK, So I was as shocked as everyone else from the KH dating JFXX headlines every where! My first thought was TC drove her to the dark side and you know what they say… But then I thought, Hmm, I though the gossips have long said the JFXX is a power botton while others say Tom knew what was going down. Regardless, JFXX released a statement to Entertainment Tonight denying everything! I thought there was a Hollywood rule that you don’t address false rumors or any rumors for that matter? That’s what I thought so what this says to me is that those bitches may have been rubbing up on each other and now JFXX don’t want TC to send the destroyers for his azz! Meanwhile, KH don’t give two shits– she’s just lovin’ every moment of freedom from TC and would happily stay silent for a million rumors if they would make TC squirm.

You know, I’m liking that chick more and more ever since she starred in the best ever episode of prison break!

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