jbrown5AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! Today is the day that dreams are made! Gayest of All Time snagged an exclusive interview with comedy legend JULIE BROWN!!!!!!!

Julie is currently in rehearsals for her BIG new musical comedy, Julie Brown’s Homecoming Queen Has Got a Musical, along side our dear friend and G.O.A.T. roving reporter Sam Pancake. The Legend graciously took some time out from her hectic schedule to answer ALL of my burning questions and spill some T to Sam….. IN A BATHROOM!!!!! How gay is that?  My heart grew three sizes watching this video.  We love you Julie Brown. When you and Sam throw that gay icons party at Lily Tomlin’s place PLEASE do not forget to send my invitation.

If anyone needs me I’ll be watching this interview on a loop along with everything Julie’s ever done while sobbing tears of joy for the next 24 hours.

Sam Pancake Interviews Julie Brown

(in two parts)

see Julie Brown and Same Pancake in

Julie Brown’s Homecoming Queen’s Got a Gun – The Musical!

OCT 25,26,27  NOV 1,2,3 & 8,9,10
FRI & SAT at 9pm     SUN at 3pm

Cavern Club Theatre
1920 Hyperion Ave
Silverlake, CA 90027


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