Thank You Gay Jesus! The Crown Prince Of The Black Aristocracy Is Getting A Reality Show!

He’s Rich! He’s OUT! He is bringing you LOOKS! And his Daddy LOVES him! The Crown Prince Of The Black Aristocracy, Magic Johnson’s son, Earvin Johnson III is one of our fabulous favorites here at GOAT.

And guuuuuurl… I am happy to hear that E.J. is soon to be starring in Rich Kids of Beverly Hills on E! E.J. is one of five RICH ASS bad behaving young socialites who will be documented on camera as they bring it, turn it, flaunt it, kiki and spend Daddy’s money.

“You’ll see me doing the absolute worst with all my crazy friends,” he said.

Oooooh Bitch! Thank You Gay Jesus! THAT is the show that i have been waiting for! Horribly Delicious!

Upcoming bad girl reality antics aside, I think EJ is quite revolutionary just by being his big black gay self and that he is publicly supported by his amazingly iconic black dad is a real step forward.

E.J. told Fashion Police **”Scaaaaaaaaaaaaaaabs!-Todd”** that he and his father have a close relationship and they both enjoy shopping together — although EJ says HE has better style.

Cant wait to see EJ, his furs, his lil’ white hipster boyfriend, his chunky Louboutins and his tantrums on his new show!

**This show show should preferably watched next to Xander for the commentary of LIFE**.

Werk Miss EJ!

Check out his coming out interview below. He was READY for this fame hunney!:

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