Which Golden Girl Are You?

Every good gay has a favorite Golden Girl but have you ever wondered which Girl of Gold you would be?

Well, The wait and wonderment is over because some queen has made a test to find out which lady of a certain age you would be just by answering a few simple questions!

Take the quiz HERE via Brainfall.com and let us know which Golden Girl you are, gurl…


Who am I you may ask????

Peep my results After the JUMP


You are Rose. There is an innocence about you that others find appealing and endearing. You never judge anyone and never listen to gossip. Your life is based on truth and values and you naturally believe everyone else wants to live the same. There have been times when your heart was too trusting, but you never let these moments change your beliefs. You are the one everyone wishes they could be!

I don’t know about the “never judging anyone” and “never listening to gossip” (I think I def have a little Blanche in me too) but as long as everyone wishes they could be me, I’ll take it!

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