6 Cunty Moments From Harper’s Bazaar


Couture Dunce Cap is all the rage if you’re Lady Gaga’s galpal Marina Abramovic


Every Rich White Woman in Antarctica will be wearing fur capes from Valentino


“If one is not giving or working with Owl, be it real Owl perched on one’s shoulder or luxurious Muppet pelt Owl baguette by Fendi, then one will not be… OF THE SEASON.”

-Andre Leon Talley


If you must indulge in the military trend the Army Navy store will NOT do…try some camo sneakers for 795$ or a camo purse for 2,275$. I’m sure if you’re an active duty Military service person Valentino will give you 10% off


Jean Paul Gaultier becomes one with his iconic Sailor shirt


From Roger Vivier’s Erickatoure Flamingo Resort Collection

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