Lean Muscle Mass: Tom Niinimaki


Gayest Of All Time reader, Juha, wrote in to our Facebook page and asked that we feature Finnish born MMA Fighter, Tom “Stoneface” Niinimaki on the blog.  No reason. Juha just loves him… thought you all should too, I guess…

I like to pretend in my mind that Juha is really o’l Stoneface, displeased with the amount of homoerotic web content devoted to his boooooody, so he’s Catfishing us as Juha to finally get the attention from men he feels he deserves. —— Alright, “Juha” **wink**wink**….. I’ll play along… Here is a whole post devoted to the figure of….

Tom “Stoneface” Niinimaki    

206298_199445336755285_1773623_nso dark and moody… such a strong core….

Tom_Niinimaki_Titan1shirtless locker room hug-fight pose with a friend, OBVIOUSLY…..

407870_345145005518650_1436702264_nsome very lean leisure time… **I was hoping the people in the background would all be men, so I could pull some Jessica Fletcher shit and start making assumption and presuming, but alas…. no.**

Niinimaki_SIgns…don’t say I never include you, lesbros^^^^>>>^^^^^… huh??? HUH???

And last but not least:

the obligatory shirtless workout promo video. You’re welcome, “Juha”…. You’re welcome EVERYONE!!!!!

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