Lest We Forget: The Brewer Twins


In the early nineties their was a Twin modeling duo, the Brewer Twins, Keith and Derek, who starred in ads for Yves saint Laurent and Armani and thankfully also allowed themselves to be put into the most homerotic and twincestious poses by famous photographers like Bruce Weber. The boys were supposedly straight and said the twincest stuff was just a pose but they certainly gave many a young homo some gooooood inappropriate thoughts. I cant seem to find anything on what they are doing today except for a homemade looking website offering memberships for 19.99  promising “Get Close Than Ever!” but showing only old pictures.  It’s a mystery for Jessica Fletcher to hop on her bike and solve!! I can only hope that the’ve hidden from the spotlight  because they realized they were in love and decided to live a quiet life of beautiful twincest, surfing and humping their days away somewhere in Malibu.

Check out some of their sexiest poses and TV appearances below. See them totally nude after the jump!

brewer25thumb brewer12 862adc159a787cc9e0d16ecfe9a2f1b0.wix_mp_1024   tumblr_l7v5fn6efu1qbp54go1_500


See The Brewer Twins NUDE!Brewer Twins picture 12101tumblr_mttm19AQYu1r2fx3jo1_5001999_143tumblr_mttm0m2y8d1r2fx3jo1_500

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