Pot Ledom: All Hail The Qween





















The 20th season of Pot Ledom is coming to a close and just like Linda James suspected on episode 1, the winner is probably gonna be a dude. BUT what is surprising is that that dude may also be a qween! Corey the fully cuntastic out and proud androgyno qween is in the top 3. I’ve got alot of love for this qween who has managed to reeeeeeeeeead all the rewarded straight children in the house, be as qweeny as he wants to be but refuses to be boxed in by the judges or the other models perception of him . Definitely a good role model for limp wristed young homos everywhere. Bravo Corey! We are rooting for you gurl!
How better to honor faggotry then with with more faggotry? Lets all put on our Aretha inaugural Bow Hat Repicas, one pink glove and one fingerless glove and get into Ms Deja Vu Williams’ take on part one of the Pot Ledom finale!

One thought on “Pot Ledom: All Hail The Qween

  1. Hey Bubu I am gagging over the exposure you are giving me. Honey you are letting them have it. Baby I know one day I will be a house hold name. And these children are going to be living for me thanks to you Johnny McGovern. Gurlll you better Werrrrrk ms. THANG OK :]

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