They Cut It From The Rebroadcast! Miley Puffs A Blunt on Stage!

Ms Cyrus pulled a stunt queen move at the EMAs while working a gorgeous lifestyles of the leotarded and famous look and rocking a Chanel bag last night. ** SHE is my new muse! I must invite her to Paris to drink her essence see the Chanel runway show-Karl Lagerfeld ** Miley pulled a blunt out of her purse while accepting her award on stage at the MTV EMAS in Amsterdam and puffed it as she walked off stage. Its Ammmmmmsterdam and its legal and she’s rich so she gonna do whatevz the hellz she wants! Its NBDG **No big deal granny** but you lnow every muthafucka on TV and da Internet is talkin bout it ** Look in the mirror qween-The World ** so score another one for Miley. MTV cut le scandal from the rebroadcast but you can catch Miley in her weedy glamour below:

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