All Golden Girls. All The Time.

While Linda James was here in Hollywood she turned me onto the greatest youtube channel ever created…Golden Girls Palace Now, it is well known that I LOVE The Golden Girls. I love The Golden Girls so much I wrote an album about them! But it had been a couple years since I reeeeeeeeeeally got into them on a regular basis ven though I owned the complete series on DVD in Sophia’s Purse

That all changed when I discovered the Golden Girls Palace channel on youtube! The angel that runs this channel has uploaded EVERY EPISODE OF EVERY SEASON IN ORDER for us to enjoy and more importantly created playlists that run each season’s episodes consecutively with no breaks or commercials. The last few weeks the only thing on when I go to bed is Golden Girls Palace, just the sound of that theme music is like audio Xanax and my dreams have never been sweeter! I’m also rediscovering some of my favorite episodes including the classic Grab That Dough!

God Bless The Golden Girls!

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