Nick Jonas Stripped by Cops!












Ok, I’m bending the truth with that title but any excuse to think of Nick Jonas in a homoerotic situation is a good one! Nick DOES have a guest starring role on an upcoming episode of Hawaii 5-0 where thankfully he brings out his most innnnnnnteresting feature DAT BODY! Nick plays a gay prostitute who has to suck off two cops to get out of trouble….oh, wait that’s what I WANTED it to be! Actually Nick plays a bad boy criminal who plays video games **dangerous! edgy!!** and sniffs dirty shirts **Jiiiiizzzz-Sniff freaks everywhere**! Whoa, Dude! The pervs over at All About Strength (love their 80’s TV movie style opening logo) have not only given us the footage of Nick’s shirtless cameo but have slowed down and repeated all the goooooood parts! Enjoy!

and just for pervings sake, here’s another recent paparazzi shot of Nick where he is reeeeeeeeeeeeeeally bringing the jock fantasy realness!

tumblr_mwhqjkBRXL1r1546xo3_500 tumblr_mwhsq3F49w1rddueso1_500

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