Twincest Update!



Twincest News!! I found a veeeeeeerrrry innnnnteresting item on the delightfully bitchy porn gossip blog Kruezer at Night
about the Bel Ami porn star Peters Twins that fucked each other on camera….alot !  Where have they been? Why have they not been fucking each other? Read on!

“The highly hyped PETERS TWINS (Elijah and Milo) were forcibly ejected from Bel Ami last year. This was very sudden and not publicized except for a brief statement by George Duroy saying they broke their contract (but he wouldn’t give any details).
Oddly enough my competitors on ALL the other gay video blogs have been deafeningly silent about it too.

Since then, to my knowledge, there hasn’t been any public declaration or interview with Elijah and Milo. So we don’t know their side of the story nor if their retirement is really voluntary or not.

But here’s a clue. One of the twins did a Bi scene after they left. It was Milo and it was on

HOWEVER my due diligence investigation has revealed the MAIN but HIDDEN reason for the Peters twins sudden exit and removal:

The big American credit card companies allegedly threatened Bel Ami that they would stop doing business with them if they went on with the “incestuous” twins (because they judged gay incest “deviant” and “morally perverted”).

That’s probably the main reason why Bel Ami removed all Peters content from their site…even though “incest” legally and morally is strictly defined as unnatural sexual relations between a male and female sibling, and such laws were enacted to avoid such pregnancies.

Obviously with 2 men no one is going to get pregnant so again, legally speaking, 2 brothers/twins having sex together is NOT incest.

But in puritanical America, the Peters twins getting it on was considered “too much” by the credit card companies and as we all know, money talks, and thus the final straw that resulted in the Peters’ brothers Bel Ami demise.

So I am not so sure porn companies would jump to re-hire them. Lots of money to be made indeed but at the risk of lots of trouble too.

HOWEVER A check of Facebook under the name in the screencap I have provided shows that that is his girlfriend, he calls her his love and has pictures of them kissing.

Could this POSSIBLY be the very same Milo who either was passionately in gay love with his twin Elijah on camera – or was one of the very best actors I’ve ever seen?

Answer:  I’m afraid it is. He no longer appears even to be friends with his brother Elijah.  But Milo is back on good terms with his family.  But not Elijah.”



If he has kids how’s he gonna explain that daddy fucked Uncle Elijah?  Most Aaaaaaaaaakward Thanksgving ever!

See the TWINS get ‘cesty after da jump!( If you actually have a brother this probably wont be hot to you but all the rest of you pervs like me read on!)

tumblr_ludb5iffRG1r55cjno1_500 tumblr_ludb445B311r55cjno1_500  tumblr_m3x2s0jbCt1rvhpico1_500

7 thoughts on “Twincest Update!

  1. This is incredibly sad… Definitely one of those quintessential moments in porn history. Also, what an asshole for ditching his brother like that. I thought twins were supposed to be inseparable.

    • Historically, you’re wrong lenairxavier. Back in the time of the great empires like Rome, Greece, Sparta and Troy the common rite of passage for a young boy between 13 and 15 would be to essentially consummate his manhood with a man he admired; which, most often, was his uncle, cousin or older brother. It was especially prevalent in Sparta where the teen would chose a man whose strength, courage and valour in battle he wanted to attain; then beg, plead and grovel to get his attention until he performed the rite. It was a form of sympathetic magic used in olde world Pagan religions for millennia. So, as a proud gay man and Pagan, your ignorance on history and how it still plays a significant role in influence today is astounding. Good day sir.

      • If you don’t know my history, then you don’t know that I am quite sex-positive. However, I’m not reading your long-winded attempt at justifying perverse behavior with any kind of historical facts. For it is not sex positive, but SEX NEGATIVE.

        Perversion, depravity, mental illness are still perversion, depravity, and mental illness no matter how long they’ve been going on, or who did them. And you will not convince me of otherwise. Especially, since you are the one wrong.

  2. I honestly don’t think the issue of same sex incest is something that can be categorized as right or wrong, especially if it occurs between two siblings and/or cousins, etc., of the same age and relative power within the family dynamic. If no one is taking advantage of another person, there is no reason for someone on the outside to opine as to its moral implications. However, I will agree that it is most likely not a healthy interaction. There is a distinct difference between accepting the fact that it is most likely dysfunctional and saying that it is flat out wrong. No one harmed another person, at least not in an imbalanced way, so no one on the outside can say whether or not it is wrong. It is for the individuals within the situation themselves to determine if the situation is healthy for them or not.

  3. Yes to Incest…. I am so up-set at Milo. I was on his face book page and was looking at his pics. Not one of his twin bro. WTF happen to the love they shared?

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