Nick Jonas Strips His Sorrows Away On Hawaii Five-0

Happy Sunday readers! It’s straighty tv time and I confess — I watch Hawaii Five-O. I think it’s mostly for the muscles and man flesh that’s almost always on display when dudes are doing normal everyday stuff like surfing, walking, driving, eating or talking etc., so imagine my surprise as I began watching the latest episode and all of a sudden a partially clothed Nick Jonas shows up on screen! I mean what a treat. Also, I guess his acting was okay cause all I heard was “wahwahwahwah” as I concentrated on what was going on from the neck down. I know this is G-rated compared to the smut you’re all accustomed to seeing here at G.O.A.T but a buff chested Nick Jonas is always worth sharing and I took some screen shots for ya’ll.

nj1 nj2 nj3 nj4.5 nj4 nj5
You can also have some fun creating your own narrative for these shots – try it

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