How Sean Cody Gets Straight Guys To Bottom – AND LOVE IT!


I’ve often gawked and the muscley manly beauties on Sean Cody and said “Damn ! These mutha fuckers look good! Are the really straight or are they gay? If they are straight what is Sean Cody Inc. saying to them to make them do the delightfully dirty things they do? ” Luckily as I was perusing  my fave bitchy porn gossip site Kruezeratnight  THIS piece caught my eye!:


Sean Cody doesn’t care if the models are gay or str8, only that they are HOT.
Whenever they mention that “Steve contacted us about doing a shoot” you know the model is GAY GAY GAY.
The str8 ones aren’t lurking on Sean Cody.

Many of you have asked me how Sean Cody persuades a truly str8 man to bottom on camera, it’s one of the biggest mysteries in the industry.

The method for breaking in the str8 ones goes like this, based on what I’ve learned in my 17 years in the industry.

Always start with a solo. Get them used to the business. Show them a good time. Let them meet some of the str8 “pros” who can take them out drinking and picking up chics.
The pros will assure the new ones that it’s “no big deal” and doesn’t affect your desire for pussy in the least.

Let them know how much money is to be made.
At least half of them will come back.

Have one of the pros break them in.
Once they find out that they were able to get off and it really was no big deal you’ve got them hooked.

Use them a lot and then stop calling. No more work unless you do something “new”. “New” pays more too.
And now you’ve got them to bottom for you.  BINGO!  Str8 to Gay psychology – brought to you by Kruezeratnight

Innnnnnnnnteresting! BTW the picture above is of Abe & Charley, in case you were wondering ** You Were** See them do it sooooo good here.

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