Stocking Stuffer!: The Gayest DVD Of All Time!!


Dirty Gay Stocking Stuffer!!! Video Vanguard and yer Gay Pimp Daddy Jonny McGovern collects all five viral video singles from his GOAT album: Dickmatized, Sexy Nerd, Modified, Man Areas and Texting on the Dancefloor on THE GAYEST VIDEO SPECIAL OF ALL TIME!! This special edition DVD arrives just in time for your last minute holiday needs!!! Hosted by Jonny and featuring cameos from your fave Gay Pimpin’ drag divas Erickatoure Aviance and Linda James, PLus Grg, Xander, Colby Keller, Miles Davis Moody,Jackie Beat, Mario Diaz and ALL of Jonny’s signature super sexy gogo boys. The DVD also includes an exclusive behind the scenes documentary on the making of the super sexy Man Areas, directed by Skot Video. We also provide some Extra Faggoty Stuff which contains “The Gayest of All Time” music video featuring fans of the podcast as well as 5 never seen before clips of the GayPimpin podcast shot at the Gayboy Mansion in the Hollywood Hills.
This Is the gayest video special of ALL TIME and it can be yours!
Buy it Here

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