TURNT UP: Women’s Work

Like bangin beatz with queer-feminist slant? Then we got a new group for you! Meet Women’s Work!

Women’s Work was founded in Seattle and their music combines elements of satire, shameless indulgence, a dash of arrogance, and plenty of girl power to go around.

Growing up a gay man with groups of primarily female friends, male rapper Soft Butch

always better related to music performed by female artists, and longed to contribute his voice to a genre he identified with. After teaming up with longtime comrade lady rapper Lil’ Bit Bossy,

they released their first single Bang Bang which set the twitter-sphere abuzz and is included on their brand new debut EP Hard Femme Beats. These kids make fun, dancefloor tracks with influences including M.I.A., Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes, Die Antwoord, Rasheeda, and Miley Cyrus. Check them out below!

Buy their EP Here

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