The Laverne Cox Appreciation Post

timthumb.phpThe internet is ON FIRE with Laverne Cox love this week after the actress appeared on Katie Couric’s talk show this past Monday. Long story short, Laverne gave Katie the old “POINT-BLANK PERIOD” when the host got a little too up in the personal business of she and her fellow guest Carmen Carrera.

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…and with that, Laverne launched a million social justice boners in the comparative American hearts and sociopolitical minds of this nation’s academic community. YOU GO GIRL!

In her honor, here are some useful Laverne Cox GIFs to add to your collection:


…and here’s her acting reel so that you can put as much Laverne in your instant queue as humanly possible….

…and finally, THIS beautiful interview with Ms. Cox that will make you fall for her all over again:

We love you Laverne.

One thought on “The Laverne Cox Appreciation Post

  1. Laverne is doing more for the entire LBGTQ community than just about anyone else right now. LOVE HER!! She is like the Sidney Poitier of the trans community…

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