Alexander Skarsgård: Now and Then

90f67b285e62df665718bb009d54903eThis picture of Alexander Skarsgård reading naked on a toilet in Antarctica (or something) is being shared around the internet like crazy; rightfully so, it’s funny, he’s sexy, and doo-doo Queens are finally having their moment.

BUT THIS NEXT PICTURE!!!!!……….. Oh. My. Gah!

7791153c514c4a984a260c7cbda9fdcf  Bubblegum chinos and a baby pink belly shirt?!?!?!? I knew Anna Nicole was a Guess Girl, but I didn’t know she was their chief stylist as well!  He looks like a European baby hooker who is ready for a night out at Heaven **NYC Queens of a certain age get it** before one last Long Island and a date rape/photo session with a lecherous chicken hawk at 4am.    Damn….  Why don’t we do it like this anymore?  *sigh* (JK, I know… because it’s embarrassing and awful.)


One thought on “Alexander Skarsgård: Now and Then

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