The Patti LaBelle Show: It’s A Showstopper!

As a young boy deeeeeep in my imaginary mind I dreamed of one day seeing a TV show that starred an amazing black diva screamin’ all of her hits in kookoomagoo draggy outfits, 80’s lady style supermodels dancing around, diva duets, comedy skits AND puppets. Little did I know IT EXISTED!
Let me re-introduce you to The Patti LaBelle Show!!!

In 1985 someone was smart enough to give Patti LaBelle her own TV special! This was the height of big hair 80’s New Attitude Patti! She screams and sings in crazy sparkle spider web W to T **Wig To Toe** outfits!!
She brings out models to dance around in all “the drag” she didn’t have time to wear on the show!

She has a sassy showdown with a puppet version of herself!

She sings with her white soul sister Cyndi Lauper, wears matching red sparkle outfits with Luther Vandross

and has a shoulder pads for Jesus praise party with Amy Grant!

She covers god damn Bruce Muthafuckin Springsteen hunney! BornT in the U.S of A, gurl! Nothing makes me patriotic like some screamin’ Miss Patti!!!

This is the weirdest and most wonderful thing I’ve seen in a minute! I’ve said it before but it’s always true…..Patti LaBelle is a SHOWSTOPPA ! See all of the magick below:

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