The Speedo Spat! “It Was The Bulge” Man Kicked From Gym For Wearing Tiny Speedo

speedo 2

It’s a SPEEDO spat! Some semi good looking muscle douche got thrown out of his Detroit gym after he gave some major VPL taking a dip in the public hot tub in paper thin square cut speedos and HE. IS. PISSED.

Here’s the story from MyFoxDetroit (more on them later):

Brad Cieslowski, a 29-year-old body builder, was kicked out of the Novi Lifetime Fitness Saturday for wearing a swimsuit referred to as ‘inappropriate.’ He says that was sexist.

Screen Shot 2014-01-15 at 10.43.37 PM

“The lifeguard comes up to me and he says, ‘You need to change into something more appropriate, that is not appropriate,'” Cieslowski says. He was wearing what he says is a “square-cut speedo,” and “[the lifeguard was] talking about the bulge. That’s usually people’s problem with the speedo, is the bulge,” he says.

speedo 1

Cieslowski says he has worn the speedo at the gym before and no one ever said anything about it, but apparently several gym-goers complained to staff members Saturday night.
“He says, ‘We can all see it.’ And I said, ‘Well then stop staring. No one’s making you look at it,'” says Cieslowski. He says when he stood his ground and defended himself the employee threatened to call the police, so Cieslowski left.

“I can say the same thing about all the women around this pool in their bikinis and their one-pieces, showing off every nook and cranny of their body leaving nothing to the imagination but their skin color. … I’m not allowed to be myself and wear what I want to wear and it’s ridiculous, and it’s incredibly sexist,” he believes.

The story is hilarious. The guy a douche.  The swimsuit enjoyably inappropriate when wet.  This queen shoulda gone to gay gym if he wanted to show off serious polish VPL and his last quote will rile Julie Goldman up real gooood so there’s that to enjoy.

BUT the real importance is the spicy way MYFOXDETROIT reported on this on TV!

IT IS AMAZING! It’s like the greatest SNL sketch that never was!

The black Ron Burgandy’s intro with the groovy Alliterative Title : SPEEDO SPAT!

The little girl type/wicked beauty style lady reporter who loves to rhyme! I mean REALLY loves to rhyme!

The dumb as fuck muscle head who says “Yup…it was the Bulge…it always is” 

Ooooooh Bitch! x Whoa, Dude Mash Up!

Just click thru to the geniuses of MYFOXDETROIT and get in…

Man kicked out of Novi gym for wearing tiny speedo: Is that sexist? (Video).

Thanks to Walter Delmar for the tip!

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