Myrtle Snow Is The True Supreme — Any. Last. Words?!!!!

Myrtle SnowOk. The new Supreme was crowned on American Horror Story, finally! Yes, the build-up was forever and I love that the new Supreme outed the coven and witchdom so the next generation of witches can be as cunty and free as they wanna be but the entire show was stolen by Miss Myrtle Snow. There is a moment in the season finally that is so glamorous and glorious and I should have seen it coming since Myrtle served up high fashion love child of Tilda Swinton and Dexter Morgan all season; She gets her fashion sense from mom and her love for carving out other witches’ eyeballs (an ginger hair) from dad!

During the season Myrtle killed two other high council witches and stole their eyeballs to restore the sight of her beloved surrogate daughter Cordelia (who is also the new Supreme). To solidify the new Supreme’s status and create the image of a ball buster Myrtle decides to sacrifice herself, and submit to the punishment for killing her sissies. She has been sentenced to burn at the stake and this is the most glamorous stake burning TV has ever witnessed!

The dress, the hair, the glasses and rope belt is everything! When asked if she has any last words…

BALENCIAGA! YASSS! and thank you to the queens who clearly run shit at AHS. I had to listen again and again and it seems the queen who looped this video couldn’t get enough either. I expect the house remix with this sample to pop up in three, two… Any. Last. Words?

8 thoughts on “Myrtle Snow Is The True Supreme — Any. Last. Words?!!!!

  1. I Knew Myrtle was EVER-Y-THANG When she told Zoey that She could Pull off the JAR Brooch! JAR?!?!?! The MOST EXCLUSIVE JEWELER ON THE PLANET!?!?!? And Ms. Thang Myrtle had a Brooch from Joel Arthur Rosenthal? I DIED THRICE! And that only She and Lee Radziwill could pull it off?? JACKIE O’S SISTER!!!! I Went Straight to HE-A-VEN! Myrtle Is ALLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!

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