Know Your Legends : Connie Flemming AKA Connie Girl

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It’s NYC Fashion Week so I thought we would pay tribute to one of my fave supermodels! Ms. Connie Fleming is a living doll, a multi-talented legend,  flawless T girl  beauty and veteran of the Paris and New York runways most notably for Thierry Mugler, where she walked along side all the biggest supermodels in the world ** I’m talking Naomi, Christy, Linda and tha’ rest!** and was part of  many important New York nightclub cults, from The House of Field and Boy Bar to her work as a Mistress of Ceremonies at Jackie 60. Check her out George Micheal’s classic Too Funky video below:

and looking just as GORGEOUS today…

Connie, we love you!

tumblr_mo23aobi8m1r7gh1po1_400 tumblr_mo23gzptS71r7gh1po1_400

Follow her on Twitter @tconnieg

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