Oooh Bitch!: Wendy Screws Up With SJP

The greatest daytime show of all time, The Wendy Williams Show welcomed Sarah Jessica Parker to the couch yesterday and even if we knew it was only so she could sell her new line of shoes for an hour…we were excited! It was veeeeeeerrrry innnnntersting to see SJP’s Anna Wintour approved bossy demureness mix with Wendy’s messy Jersey glamour. All was going smoothly until self proclaimed Sex & The City superfan Wendy brought up the possibility of  S&TC3 and said how much she wanted Carrie and Big to get married….WHICH HAPPENED AT THE END OF THE FIRST S&TC MOVIE!!


I do believe a lil’ sublim shade from SJP was thrown Wendy’s way.  Oooh Bitch! It was a messy delight and shows just why we love being Wendy Watchers!  Check out Wendy’s flub above or get into all of the segment below!

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