Russell Tovey From “Looking” Naked!

We are really enjoying HBO’s Looking for it’s humor, attitude, Instagram filter look and all the variety of cute gay dudes it presents. Johnathan Groff’s new boss and possible love interest played by Russell Tovey is especially cute. So we thought you’d enjoy seeing him without any clothes! Huzzah!
But before we do that check out the hilarious #Looking parody NOT #LOOKING featuring our homies Drew Droege and Justin Martindale.

See all of Russell after the jump:


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5 thoughts on “Russell Tovey From “Looking” Naked!

  1. what movie is this from1?!?!?
    I was half watching the show when they said something like “I want to grab his ears and face fuck him” then I turned around and was like “ohhh, ok yeah then, yeah… yes”

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