The Shade Will Be Flung Tonight!: Nicki Minaj Vs Mariah Round 2

I’m suuuuuure it was just a coincidence that Nicki Minaj released her new song Lookin’ Ass N**gas on the same day Mariah premiered HER new song You’re Mine (Eternal)

Looks like Nicki and her cunty pony tail and machine guns win this round of the battle that began with shade throwing and fights on American Idol last season when Nicki crashed Mariah’s judging party.

Mariah has some amazing hits but You’re Mine (Eternal) is a snoozy bore. In the video Mariah is giving filler faced toplessness in that weird mermaid washed ashore way that she do. I’m. Dis. Appointed.


The remix and video feature Trey Songz who looks great but adds little spice to the Mariah mix. But even he’s getting Zzzzzzy with it in the video!

Mariah, we love you but if you wanna compete with Nicki you are gonna have to wake up and spice it up!

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