Sample Kylie’s Super Sexy New Album!

No bitch not Kylie Jenner! Ugh! Kylie Minogue has released a preview of her new album online that features tracks including Sexy Love, Sexercize and Les Sex – which is a lot of sex!

The Daily Mirror found out why there was so much SEX on Kylie’s new record.

“The reason Kylie Minogue’s new album is so x-rated? Music producer and singer Sia.

The 45-year-old, who recently unleashed her cracking pins for a secret gig in East London, insists it was Sia who encouraged her to put a cheeky spin on her tracks to make them sound hotter.

Kylie explained: “Sia is executive producer with me, which is amazing and a little dream come true, and there was a certain point on the album where we had countless songs, and she said, ‘we need some sex on there.. we need a hot song’.

“Next thing I know there’s Sexy Love, Sexercize and Les Sex! And even looking at the album titles, trying to figure out what makes it on the album, I thought ‘I can’t really do that’, and then I thought ‘yeah, I really have to do that because they’re all really great songs’. And I couldn’t call them anything else, because that’s what they are.”

Check out Kylie’s first video from the new record below:

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