TURNT UP: Yaaas – Jonathan and BPro w/ Rica Shay & Charlie Sheena

Get into the new joint featuring one of our fav up and coming homo-hop hipsters Rica Shay! Sometimes you just gotta say it and we are definitely saying a big ‘ole gay YAAAS to this one, hunty!


TURNT UP: Adam George – New Eyes (Equality Song)

I was just followed by Aussie Singer/Songwriter Adam George on the twitterverse and being a fan of a man with 2 first names I decided to check out his music. I happened upon his laid back and soothing reggae flavored song about equality. He sounds good and he’s not too hard on the eyes either! 😉


A reggae song about being gay. Kind of genius in my opinion! Whatcha think?

TURNT UP: Rica Shay w/Jonathan & BPro – Damn You Nasty (Scarnici Remix)

Caramel Papi wanna punch my vanilla. Suffocatin’ in my ass cuz u know I got the killa. Hole so sweet gonna leave u with a toothache. Fuck a lil’ debbie, only serve the bougie good cake. -Rica Shay


He’s definitely keepin’ it well within the lines of GAYEST of ALL TIME with his lyrics to “Damn You Nasty”.

…and She’s living for the REMIX!!!

These queens are most definitely keepin’ it faggoty (and nasty) 4 the kids! Shout out to Scarnici and Rica Shay from Gayest of All Time!

TURNT UP: Turn Me Out by Adam Joseph


OK, OK…so I’m posting my own song (but not just because I’m always up for shameless self promotion) but because this song is Majorly Faggoty, kinda like this gif of ME.


It is rumored that this song was written about a hungry bottom begging to get F’d in the A (in the good way) and I can’t confirm or deny that but IF you know any of my previous songs in the homo-pop genre such as Faggoty Attention and listen closely to the lyrics then I’m sure you can make that call pretty easily for yourself. 😉

After all the song IS called Turn ME Out, not Turn YOU Out (if u know what I mean).  😉

AND if you’re in the mood for something a little harder and darker (and I mean c’mon, who isn’t? Am I right?) There are some great remixes that you can hear on soundcloud. My fav is the DJ Nita Remix or as Jonny likes to call it the “OD on Robitussin at Twilo Remix”

Listen HERE-


I hope u get TURNT lovely!

Enjoy Qweenz!